What does the subject teaches about:

Faith Formation: provides information to newly engaged couples on the teachings and understanding of the Catholic Church’s view of the sacrament of marriage.  Through this couples learn skills that they will use as husband and wife to draw them closer to God, to the Church, and to each other as a visible sign and reminder of Christ’s sacrificial love for all people.

Catholic Marriage: teaches that marriage between two baptized persons is a sacrament, it is saying that the couple’s relationship expresses in a unique way the unbreakable bond of love between Christ and his people. Like the other six sacraments of the Church, marriage is a sign or symbol which reveals the Lord Jesus and through which his divine life and love are communicated.

Self – Awareness: Self awareness is one of the keys to creating a strong marriage. One contributing factor of thriving relationships is each partner’s ability to understand and accept them as they are through the practice of self awareness.

When both partners are able to clarify and express their thoughts, perspectives, experiences and their emotions effectively in an atmosphere of receptivity, non judgment and curiosity, they build a relationship of two strong, individuals who have the capacity to create a strong, intimate bond together.

Human Sexuality: This session talks on Natural Family Planning, a reliable method of planning your family that is both based on science and in harmony with God’s design for sexual intimacy and Church teaching. Natural Family Planning not only assists with planning or spacing births, but is also extremely effective in working with any infertility issues.

Communication: This session helps couples see how important effective communication is for a strong marriage and how communication is affected by personality, family background and circumstances. Couples look at what it means to talk about their feelings and they practise listening to each other.

Conflict Resolution: Conflict can either destroy a marriage or, if handled well, strengthen it. Couples consider how to handle anger, appreciate their differences, look for solutions together and practice forgiveness. Organizing finances, a primary cause of conflict in marriage, is also addressed.

Challenges in Marriage: This session helps couples how to face the challenges which rises in their marital life and how to overcome such challenges.