The Family Welfare Centre founded by Fr. Oswald Dijkstra in the 1970’s as a Centre to help out with the different needs of the family, also offers Counseling services. These services are available for adults and children who are challenged in their daily lives. Individuals with difficulties in coping with emotional stress, in everyday living, be it in marriage or at work or in relationships, come to talk to our counselors and to get relief and emotional comfort. The unit works closely with the Marriage Tribunal of the Archdiocese, which refers several cases to the Counseling Centre. Services available from 9 am to 5 pm every day. In addition, counselors are available at other times by appointment for those who are unable to come to the Centre on the regular timings. 


Holistic well-being of individuals, couples and families.


To provide timely and accessible professional counseling services.


To schedule an appointment call +91-80-23331573/74, +91 73385 93645 or send an email to